Why I Have Hope for America as a Nation

We were scared. We chose the man we thought could win, not the one we thought should win.

American Flag

After seeing the electoral process, are you dismayed at the direction our country is headed? Why do anti-Christian people dominate our country? Why do they succeed in elections? What does that say about our political process?

Moreover—what does it say about the people of the nation, and even its Christians? Not good.

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Seven More Thoughts on Debacle 2016

No, it is not a simple choice.

But if you think through the deeper issues, there is a clear answer. Last week I shared seven top articles on the GOP’s crisis. This week I have seven more. These are worth your time. They are also worth sharing.

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Jeremy Boreing (The Daily Wire)
“With Trump as the president, usurping the party of Lincoln with his own nationalist brand, our movement will continue to devolve into a European-style, big government, protectionist nationalist party with no regard for the values of our God or our founding. We will become another party of the decline.”

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Seven Thoughts on Debacle 2016

You might have noticed I’m #NeverTrump.

Yep. And I will keep writing about it. This week, rather than offer more of my own writing, I’ll share seven articles by top thinkers shaping my perspective.

Are you in the Trump boat? Elsewhere? Either way, consider these viewpoints:

Flaming Meteor

1. Ben Shapiro (National Review)
“Trump has displayed instability, unwillingness to learn, and deep-seated arrogance manifest in an unearned sense of knowledge. His consummate belief in his own abilities as a dealmaker, combined with his unwarranted trust in his own ability to cut through thorny policy thickets with broad strokes, makes him ignorant and dangerous.”

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Your Vote Is Your Support

Presidential election

Does God care who we choose to *support* with our voting power?
Of course He does.

Does God give guidance?
Of a general kind.

There’s enough in Scripture to teach us not to lend support to any person we know to be monstrously evil.

Have you observed Donald Trump’s words and deeds? Any of these 11 verses from just one chapter in Proverbs would disqualify Trump.

He’s not worthy of the support that your vote signifies.

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Donald Trump Is No Friend of Capitalism

I hear that Donald Trump will preserve capitalism. I shake my head.

Trade broker

It’s as good a time as any to ask: What is capitalism?

  • It’s the system in which all property is privately owned.
  • It’s complete separation between the state and economics.
  • It’s the protection of individual property rights.

No, we have never had complete capitalism in the United States. For the past 126 years we have not even been ballpark. For a very long time we have had a welfare state  a mixed economy (a mix of economic freedom and control).

Donald J. Trump has never shown any inkling of believing in the ideal of laissez faire capitalism.

  • He seeks to grow his businesses by buying governmental favors.
  • He abuses eminent domain laws.
  • He seeks a universal healthcare system run by the government.
  • He supports the minimum wage.
  • He seeks to reduce free trade between US companies and companies in other nations.

Donald Trump is a cronyist. Economically, he is often to the left of Hillary Clinton.

Vote for Trump if you think him an honest man, or a faithful man, or an informed man. But please don’t call him a friend of capitalism.